Updated August 24, 2021

Spring Lawn Care

A fresh Spring Lawn is only a few blocks away

Spring has sprung! And with that, the weather gets warmer and your lawn needs a little bit of extra care compared to the cooler months.

To assist you with all your Spring Lawn care needs, we have created a go-to list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from all over South-East Queensland. From fertilising to mowing to lawn renos and so much more - we have you covered!

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Also, if you are thinking of investing in a veggie patch, spring is the perfect time to get started - head over to our spring veggie guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I water my lawn more often in Spring?

No! Generally, the rainfall offered by the few months of spring is sufficient to hydrate your lawn. However, if it is unusually warm and/or dry, it may be worthwhile giving your turf a bit of a top-up water occasionally. A deep soaking once a week will train your lawn’s roots to grow deeper into the soil, which will improve your lawn’s drought tolerance.

Quick tip: A minimalist approach will often be rewarded with a healthier lawn, with stronger, deeper roots.

Should I fertilise my lawn more often in Spring?

Spring time is the ideal time to fertilise, as it helps speed up new growth and establish strong roots for summer. Overfeeding during spring though can have negative effects, with the warmth and light intensity not quite there yet for your lawn to perform its best. A light dusting of either organic or inorganic fertiliser at the specified label rate will likely be suffice and give your lawn the boost it needs. 

Fertilising your lawn
Fertilising your lawn

Can I dethatch my lawn in Spring?

Yes you can! If your lawn feels a little “spongy”, this is due to a buildup of thatch. To counter this, mow your lawn until it is back to its runners - which may take a couple of mows - and then fertilise and water it well, to promote speedy regrowth. This will hopefully address any thatch - give Rosemount Turf a call if you need a hand.

Should I topdress my lawn in Spring?

Spring is the perfect time to topdress your turf, if you wish to reduce any unevenness in your yard. Mow and fertilise your lawn first and then top dress with coarse river sand. Remember, do not cover the entire leaf tip! Once you have your lawn growing at its peak, it will be ready to take on the heat of summer - so spring is the ideal time to do this.

Image courtesy of Lawn Solutions Australia.

Is Spring a good time to aerate my lawn?

Yes! Spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn - aeration increases the amount of air, water and nutrients that your lawn receives, which strengthens grass roots and helps create a healthier lawn. Using a garden fork is a great way to aerate your lawn and then follow with a good quality fertiliser.

Quick tip: Aeration decreases thatch and compaction and should be carried out annually in high traffic areas and on hard lawns!

Should I consider a spring lawn reno?

Definitely! Spring is the perfect time to complete a lawn renovation, especially if your lawn has developed a combo of compaction and thatch. The October long weekend in most states is a good guide as to when you should complete your lawn renovation.

Image courtesy of Lawn Solutions Australia.

Learn more about spring lawn renos here.

Should I use liquid or granular fertiliser in Spring?

If the weather isn't quite warm enough yet, you may need to use a liquid fertiliser as your soil temperature may not be quite warm enough for the bacteria to work its magic for a soil borne reaction using a granular fertiliser. As liquid fertilisers are ingested through the leaves of your grass, you’ll only need a little growth occurring for the liquid fertilisers to give an instant boost.

What about the removal of weeds during Spring?

Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood that you will need to remove weeds from your lawn all year round... although some seasons they will be more prevalent than others. Always try and remove any weeds before they seed - whether that be by hand or through the use of a herbicide. Have a chat to the Rosemount Turf team if you need a little further help.

Should I check the pH levels in my soil during Spring?

Yes!  Testing the pH level of your soil is super important in ensuring your soil is healthy, which results in healthy turf. An incorrect pH means your lawn can miss out on important nutrients and lead to overall poor performance. Test with a basic soil pH testing kit or soil probe, with the optimum pH reading being 6.5.

Image courtesy of Lawn Solutions Australia.

Head here for more information about lawn and soil pH levels.

Should I treat the bacteria in my lawn in Spring?

You most certainly can. Your soil is full of nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as mycorrhiza and rhizobia, and they turn the nitrogen from the atmosphere and fertilisers into a usable form of nitrate for your lawn. During winter they’re dormant, but once soil temperatures rise, they’re ready to work. They love a boost of carbohydrate, so apply a soil conditioner that contains seaweed extract - give the Rosemount Turf team a call for further information and suggestions.

What is spring growth surge?

The Spring Surge Growth is created by warmer temperatures which assist the soil temperature to increase. With the addition of water and fertiliser, your lawn will break the winter dormancy and it will increase in leaf growth and root production. It is important during this time that you maintain an even growth curve without over fertilising – excessive fertiliser causes excessive leaf growth and grass clippings which is obviously not preferable to achieving a low maintenance lawn.

If you would like to know more about maintaining your turf, head to our Turf Maintenance page here for some further tips and tricks or give our friendly experts a call today!


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Article written by Ashlee Hall


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