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Your Lawn and its pH Level

Posted on October 16, 2020 by Greg Pelka

Are you finding that your lawn isn’t growing as well as it should, and/or it isn’t responding to fertiliser? If so, it may be time to look at the pH level of your lawn’s soil.

Image courtesy of Lawn Solutions Australia.

What is pH?

Potential of hydrogen, otherwise known as power of hydrogen or pH, is the measure of the acidity and alkalinity of something.

What pH level should your lawns soil be at? 

Most lawns like the pH of their soil to sit somewhere between 6 and 7.5 for optimum performance.

As an example, a pH in the right range of 6 to 7.5 is a bit like a plant with its mouth wide open – no food will go to waste and it will all be eaten by the plant.

Can I change the pH of soil?

Changing the pH of soil is definitely doable, however the level of difficulty changes depending on the type of soil you have. Generally, adjusting the pH level of loamy and sandy soils is easier than on heavy clays.

Sandy and loamy soil

If your soil is a sandy loam and you need to raise the soil pH by one unit, add the equivalent of 150g of liming material per square metre. An adult handful is about 100g.

Heavy clay soil

Heavy clay soils will require at least 250g per square metre to raise the pH by one unit. A super fine grade of lime works quickest and generally costs less than $10 a bag.

Some tips and tricks

  • For an already established lawn which may be lacking magnesium, create a mixture of 50/50 lime and dolomite. This allows for the right balance of calcium and magnesium –  dolomite is only available in one grade and costs around $8 a bag.
  • After applying lime or dolomite, make sure you water the area well so that it moves into the soil. 
  • Testing your soil’s pH may seem like some mad scientific operation, but it couldn’t be simpler with a soil pH test. These are available in a variety of stores and locations. 

Lawn Solutions Australia created an amazing video regarding soil pH and your lawn – take a look below.

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