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Turf Laying Sunshine Coast

What is involved when it comes to laying turf on the Sunshine Coast?

At Rosemount Turf, we get lots of questions each week in relation to turf installation – anything from the cost of removing existing lawn to whether we spray weeds to what turf do we offer… and anything in between!

To assist with a few of these questions, we have put together a little bit of information for when it comes to turf installation at your home – the below information is general in nature though, and especially focused on the Sunshine Coast region, so please contact us for more information if you would like a specific quote applicable to your circumstances.

Laying turf in your yard

When someone approaches us and asks about laying turf in their Sunshine Coast yard, we ask a few questions such as:

  • Is there turf already in this area? 
  • If there is turf in this area already, will it require removal?
  • Where are you located?
  • How large is the area?
  • How much shade does your area receive?
  • What turf would you like to have installed?
  • Is the area difficult to access?

And so many more! This is just the beginning – allowing us to have an understanding of the area and your requirements allow us to provide a comprehensive service to all our customers, which means your yard will be looking its best in no time at all.

How much does laying turf cost on the Sunshine Coast?

Once we have determined what you are in need of in your yard, we can provide a quote. A quote will be specific and unique to you, as it is determined by aspects such as turf type, yard area, whether the removal of turf is needed and the amount of topsoil required. As a rough estimate, these are the kinds of things you will likely see on a turf installation quote:

  • Cost of your chosen turf: This will be determined by how many m2 you require. For example, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is $14.50 per square metre or Sir Grange Zoysia turf is $20.00 per square metre.
  • Turf delivery charges: For Rosemount Turf, the average delivery cost on the Sunshine Coast starts at $110.00 however this depends on your location.
  • Turf laying starts at around $300.00 for a small yard that is less than 100m2.
  • Cost of topsoil: If your yard requires topsoil, which it generally does, there will be a soil cost  – on average, top soil is around $66.00 per m3.
  • Topsoil delivery charges: For Rosemount Turf, the average delivery cost is usually around $110.00 however this depends on your location.
  • Weed spraying: If the area that is having turf installed has weeds, weed spraying will be required. This service usually costs $200.00 and is completed twice, however this is subject to a range of variables.
  • Removal of grass: If turf needs to be removed before a new lawn is installed, this will need to be extracted properly. This same person will usually then level the area and apply topsoil, in preparation for the new turf – this can cost anywhere from around $400.00 for a small area, depending on the area and its needs. We utilise the services of Dingo Hire for this step – they are some of the best in the business!
  • Spoils removal: Another aspect to consider is the removal of dirt, soil and turf from your yard before the new lawn is put down. This can cost anywhere from $100, however it is dependent on how much needs moving – every yard is different.
  • Hand Preparation: Hand preparation is the use of manual labour to clean up the edges of the yard, give the land a final level, move soil and spoils if required and clean up the site. This usually starts at $70.00 an hour.  
  • Installation Fee: This is the fee associated with the installation of the turf – this starts at around $250.00 for a small yard that is less than 125m2.
  • GST: All costs in your quote will include GST.

Please note, every quote is different as every yard is different. As such, costs are subject to change depending on a huge range of factors. Always ensure you obtain a quote that is specific to you and your needs.

What happens next with your turf?

Once you have received your quote and agreed to it, Rosemount Turf can get to work! We thoroughly enjoy bringing your turf dreams to life.

If you would like to know more about the removal process, and then the laying of new turf on the Sunshine Coast, give Rosemount Turf a call today and we will be happy to assist.


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