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Buyers Guide

Turf Buyers Guide

Do you sell Lawn Seed?

Rosemount Turf specializes in providing high-quality turf rather than lawn seed. This approach is aligned with their commitment to offering products that ensure consistent quality, robust health, and specific characteristics of the grass. Selling turf allows Rosemount Turf to provide customers with a mature, uniform lawn solution that is immediately visually appealing and functional. This method bypasses the uncertainties often associated with growing grass from seed, such as uneven germination, weed competition, and the extended time required to establish a mature lawn. By focusing on turf, Rosemount Turf aims to deliver immediate, reliable, and high-quality lawn solutions to their customers.

Can I grow TifTuf From Seeds?

TifTuf Bermuda grass is generally not available as seed and is typically sold as sod or turf. This is due to the specific breeding and development process that ensures its unique qualities, such as drought tolerance and dense growth. To maintain these characteristics, TifTuf is propagated vegetatively, meaning it's grown from sections of existing plants rather than from seed. This method ensures that the new plants are genetically identical to the parent, preserving the desired traits of the TifTuf variety. For planting TifTuf, purchasing sod or turf from a reputable supplier is recommended.

How do I choose the right turf variety for my garden?

The choice depends on factors like climate, soil type, usage, and maintenance preferences. Our team can help you select the perfect turf for your specific needs.

Can you provide guidance on how to prepare my soil before laying turf?

Yes, soil preparation is crucial. We recommend removing weeds, testing the soil pH, and ensuring proper drainage. Our experts can offer detailed guidance.

Does Rosemount Turf offer installation services?

Yes, we offer professional installation services to ensure your turf is laid correctly for optimal growth and health.

What types of turf do you offer at Rosemount Turf?

We offer a variety of turf options, including popular choices like Sir Walter DNA Certified, TifTuf Bermuda, and Empire Zoysia.

What are the widths and cut lengths of your Turf?

The common size for a square meter of turf is typically around 1.7 meters in length and 0.6 meters in width

What are the watering requirements for my new turf?

Initially, water your new turf daily to establish roots. Afterward, the watering frequency can be reduced. The specific needs depend on the turf variety and local climate.

How soon can I mow my new turf after installation?

Wait until the turf is firmly rooted, typically 2-3 weeks after installation, before the first mow.

How do I maintain the health and appearance of my turf?

Regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weed control are key. We provide detailed care instructions with each turf variety.


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