Lawn care before heading on holidays

So, you’ve booked your Christmas holidays, you’ve got your bags packed and you’re more than ready to have a break away from what 2020 has thrown at you.

But have you considered your lawn while you are away?

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If you are heading away for more than a week, you will likely see some substantial lawn growth and this can be difficult to manage on your return. So, what should you do?

Away for 1 week

If you are going away for 7 days or less, then your lawn should, in most cases, be ok until you get back. Your lawn is likely growing a little slower than normal, as it is a hotter time of year around Christmas time and this can result in your lawn entering a level of dormancy. If you are normally mowing once a week or so anyway (depending on your turf variety) then you don’t have anything to worry about. Just give your lawn a mow at a height you normally would the day before you leave, or day of if possible, and leave it be.

One thing that is worthwhile considering is the weather in your area while you are away – check your local weather forecast and see if there is any incoming weather that would be of concern for your lawn. If the forecast says hot and dry all week, you might need to take some action in advance (depending on your turf variety). If this is the case, give your lawn a really good deep watering in the morning or afternoon the day before you leave to help prepare it for the hot days ahead. You can also put a sprinkler on a timer if you want to make sure it stays hydrated while you are away. Many warm season turf varieties are quite drought tolerant and may be able to manage without water for this duration, so deep watering may not be necessary – have a chat to your local turf provider, such as Rosemount Turf, if you are unsure.

Away for longer than 1 week

If you are heading away for longer than 7 days or so, then you may want to consider seeing if someone can mow your lawn while you are on holidays. If this isn’t possible, there are a few ways you can reduce the harm caused by your lawn growing too long.

Again, try and mow as close to leaving as possible and, if you are considering mowing it nice and short… don’t! You need to make sure you only remove one third of the leaf at a time, as removing more than this can cause stunted root growth and deteriorated plant health, which can leave your lawn susceptible to weeds.

When you return from your holiday, the same principle applies – don’t cut your lawn too short! Only remove one third of the leaf and take it down gradually to its normal height. This may mean you need to mow a few times over a few days, but it will be well worth taking it down slowly to ensure you don’t undo all your hard work.

And have a great holiday!



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