Get your lawn Christmas-ready in a hurry

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Greg Pelka

If you were in a perfect world, you would have all the time you needed to do almost anything – Christmas shop when you wanted, clean the house before the relatives arrive and tend to your lawn and have it looking its best for when all the festivities begin.

But, as we all know, unfortunately there aren’t 27 hours in the day and things aren’t always as organised, nor as planned as we would like. So, what can you do to get your lawn looking great in a hurry?

Before we begin however, a word of warning – it’s not a good idea to undertake the get green quick fix very often. A healthy lawn will be provided with a balanced amount of slow release nutrients in order for it to grow healthy roots and become a thriving plant so, if time permits, don’t take shortcuts.

But, if a quick fix is what you need, keep on reading!


Essentially, nitrogen is what makes grass green. So, an application with a nitrogen rich quick release liquid fertiliser will give your lawn a quick boost to increase photosynthesis and thicken and green your lawn. 

Make sure you are mowing regularly enough and not allowing the extra growth to get out of hand, as doing so can cause you to cut too much of the leaf off in your next mow, which will stunt root growth and could even lead to scalping. 

Also, too much nitrogen can be a negative, so make sure this isn’t something you get into a regular routine of doing. Excessive leaf growth will not have the supporting root growth required to maintain the health of your lawn. Some turf varieties like Sir Grange have specific nutrient requirements, so it’s best to check first before applying too.


Iron is also another nutrient that can offer assistance with the colour of your lawn. Iron is used by many within the professional turf industry, especially by those who care for golf courses. Iron gives grass a dark, almost blue like, green… but, take caution when using it! Iron can stain concrete and other hard surfaces very easily, with excessive iron applications also capable of harming your lawn and turning it grey. 

Regular mowing

Regular mowing encourages your lawn to grow laterally, which results in your turf becoming both thicker and healthier. Additionally, consistent mowing ensures that you do not cut off too much of the leaf at any one time – cutting off more than one third of the leaf at one time can damage your lawn. 

Water efficiently

When it comes to watering your lawn, it is best to water less often, but for longer periods of time. Only water your turf when it really needs it, and do so for around 30-45 mins at a time. This encourages the roots of your lawn to grow deeper, which creates a healthier, greener and more robust lawn. A good way to know if your grass needs water is the step test – walk across the grass and if it bounces back quickly it’s well hydrated, if it doesn’t and stays pushed down then it will need watering.


Finally, there is ColourGuard. ColourGuard is a great quick fix that will not cause damage or harm to your lawn – it is a natural and organic grass colourant that strengthens and protects your lawn under extreme conditions. It is not lawn paint, however it does instantly restore the colour of your turf by providing natural green pigment back into the grass leaf. 

If you need any further information or assistance, give Rosemount Turf a call today!



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