8 crimes you should never commit against your lawn

Although looking after your lawn may have some simple steps, many of us have been guilty from time to time of neglecting or forgetting to care for our turf. 

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Don’t worry – it happens – but here are a few definite crimes you should not commit against your lawn! If you are in need of some assistance in getting your backyard looking its best, get in contact with our team or head to our website for further information and tips.

Crime 1 – Watering at night

Never water your lawn at night! Watering at night can cause fungal issues, which are not beneficial for your yard. The best time of day to water your lawn is in the morning or early evening – try and avoid doing it during the heat of the day where possible, as this kind of watering is quite ineffective.

Crime 2 – Overwatering, watering too often & not for long enough

The ideal way to water your lawn is for longer periods of time, but less frequently. Watering your turf around 2-3 times a week for 1 hour during the warmer months is a lot better than watering 6 times a week for around 15 minutes. Where possible, you want to train your lawn to become more drought tolerant and frequent, short watering only makes your turf to become less drought tolerant.

Tip: Regular watering will only be required during the warmer months and when you are establishing a new lawn.

Crime 3 – Mowing too short and/or scalping

When you mow your lawn, make sure you don’t mow it too short – this can result in extreme stress for your turf. Mowing too low can leave brown and/or bare looking patches on your lawn and, if it happens too often, can seriously deplete your lawn’s energy reserves and is an open invitation for weeds to invade and seed.

Crime 4 – Not mowing regularly 

We know, we know… life is super busy, and it can be tricky to fit in a regular lawn mow of your yard. When you can however, implementing a regular mowing routine is super beneficial for your turf. Also remember, your mowing routine may change with the seasons – feel free to chat to the Rosemount Turf team if you need a little help with this.

Crime 5 – Mowing with blunt mower blades

Before your mow your lawn, it is important to check that your mower blades are nice and sharp. If you are using blunt mower blades, this tears your lawn as opposed to cutting it, which causes damage. This can result in discolouration, susceptibility to disease and an overall look of being in poor condition – everything you do not want.

Crime 6 – Not giving your lawn time to recover

If the turf in your yard is in a high traffic area, whether that be foot traffic or driving your car, this can cause significant soil compaction. Soil compaction limits the amount of nutrients, as well as water, that penetrates the roots of your lawn, which can negatively affect the health of your yard. To nurse your turf back to full health, allow it to recover… which means staying off it when you can. If the lawn is flattened from excessive traffic, try raking the grass lightly to encourage the blades to stand up again.

Additionally, aerating your turf will help the roots to grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn – exactly what you’d like!

Crime 7 – Not pruning trees back

Managing the shaded areas of your yard may sound a bit odd, but routinely pruning the trees, bushes and any other foliage that may be shading your lawn is actually incredibly important. Ensuring that as much sunlight as possible is making its way onto your lawn allows it to grow nice and healthy, however be warned – overwatering in shaded areas can encourage the growth of nasty turf diseases! 

Crime 8 – Over/under feeding your lawn 

Remember – fertiliser is food for your lawn, which means that too little and it starves, and too much and it won’t be at its best either. Getting a handle on the best fertilising routine for your lawn is one of the keys to a great looking lawn – find it and stick to it. We recommend regular fertilising, but no more than one application every 6 weeks.

Have you ever been guilty of committing one of the above lawn crimes? If so, you aren’t alone… but remember, they are usually fixable. Tell us all about them, and how you fixed them up with a little love and care!



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