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Get your lawn ready for the summer heat

With the summer heat creeping in faster and faster, ensuring your lawn is well prepared for the hottest months of the year is crucial to keeping it both happy and healthy. Here are some of the best ways to keep your turf at its best – give Rosemount Turf a call if you need any further assistance.

What can you do to help your lawn survive during summer?

With drought conditions still impacting some regional areas, using water responsibly should always be on the top of your to-do list. Fortunately, it is only in the most severe of conditions, over a pretty long period of time, that your lawn could suffer to the point where it would completely perish due to lack of water.

A lot of warm season turf varieties are used regularly across Australia, including on the Sunshine Coast, and these options generally need low amounts of water to survive, as well as being very hardy. They may lose colour, become brown and dry and have little to no leaf growth, but they will usually remain dormant until the next rain or irrigation event.

In summer when temperatures are really high, grasses will enter a state of dormancy where they shut down tissue growth to preserve moisture loss. You can usually tell if your lawn is dormant, as opposed to dead, by looking at the crown at the base of the leaves. If the crown appears to be white to off white, it is likely that it is still alive. A dead lawn will be dry, brown and brittle across the entire plant, including the leaves, the roots and the crown.

Lawn Tips

A few tips to keep your lawn happy once the weather warms up include:

  • Thatch: Remove thatch (dead material) from your lawn, as this will help the living components to absorb all the available moisture.
  • Aeration: Improving the ability for water to penetrate to the roots of your lawn will be important to take best advantage of water when it is available. It also improves moisture levels in the soil to prepare for the next dry spell.
  • Water: Water your lawn longer and less frequently. This encourages deeper roots to form, which can delve deeper into the soil and find any available moisture. This also allows for your lawn to remain hydrated for longer, even if rain hasn’t fallen in a while. 
  • Foot Traffic: Stay off your lawn! Your grass is already having a hard time and the drier it is, the more it is likely to be damaged and not be able to recover from foot traffic or additional wear and tear.
  • Lawn ColourIf your lawn has lost some colour and vigour due to the heat, a good option is ColourGuard Plus. It’s a natural pigment with a liquid fertiliser and it’s a great solution during drought conditions to keep your grass green and to save water at the same time.
  • Mowing: When it comes to mowing your lawn in summer, always do it in the cooler time of the day when you can. Mow regularly, as you want to keep on top of leaf growth and not remove too much at any one time. Remember, removing more than a third of the leaf at any one time will cause stress to the grass roots, which is something you want to avoid where possible.

If your area is experiencing a long period of dry weather, soils can become dehydrated which results in the exposure of the hydrophobic surface. This surface stops water from penetrating, so a wetting agent like Lawn Soaker will help break down this surface tension and help water to soak in.

How much water does your lawn need?

Water is a crucial component to allowing grass to grow, as it ensures turf can transport nutrients, maintain cell structure and create its own food through photosynthesis. Generally, soil moisture storage and rain will be enough for your lawn to meet its water requirements. In some cases, however, some extra watering is needed.

If the roots of your grass cannot maintain the required level of moisture in their leaves, their leaves will close their stomata. Stomata are cells that form the pores of the leaf surface and, when the stomata are closed, your grass will grow very little due to its inability to take in carbon dioxide.

When should you irrigate your lawn?

The simplest answer to this question is ‘when your lawn needs it’. This can include when there has been very little rain in your area, meaning your turf is lacking moisture – but always remember to follow the relevant water restrictions in your area!



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