The easy lawn cutting guide for the silly season

Posted on December 27, 2019 by Greg Pelka

If you are getting a little worried about keeping your lawn looking good consistently, we have put together a few tips and tricks to mowing your lawn during the festive season.


The guide to lawn cutting

The following are important aspects to consider when mowing your lawn this Christmas.

Mowing Direction

Mowing in different directions keeps lawn cutting exciting, as well as encouraging healthy lawn growth by persuading individual blades to grow straight. Blades that grow straight provide more room for new blades to grow, resulting in a thicker lawn.


Mowing your lawn regularly allows for the sun to get amongst your lawn leaf more, as well as promoting lateral growth.

Sneaky tip thanks to Lawn Solutions Australia: Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade of your lawn at any one time. If your lawn has become a little out of control and needs a more severe cut, take it down over a number of mows. This will leave plenty of green on the leaf allowing the grass to continue to photosynthesise.

Mower Blades

To ensure your lawn mower is cutting at 100%, always ensure the blades are sharp and you keep your mower maintenance current (whether by yourself or through a service centre).

Wet Lawn

Wet lawn is for fertilising… not for mowing! Make sure your lawn is dry, otherwise damage can occur to the leaf blades which causes your lawn to look ‘chopped’.

Level Lawn

If you find that your lawn is a little uneven, it may be worthwhile considering top dressing it to make it a little more level (which helps with mowing!).

Leaf Blade Length

To help with the health of your lawn, leave the leaf blade a little longer in length in the shade, as well as when water is scarce. This decreases the stress on your lawn, as well as offering a great surface to encourage sunlight absorption when possible. Additionally, the soil temperature will decrease, which results in a reduction in evaporation and allows moisture to be retained by the roots of your grass.

The right mower

Ensuring you have the appropriate mower for your lawn is very important. There are rotary, cylinder and ride-on mowers, and different types within each. We always recommend speaking to a professional about the best lawn mower for your needs – they will be able to assist in choosing the correct option quickly and efficiently.

Wear safety equipment

Finally, to ensure you remain safe while mowing, wearing personal protective equipment (or PPE) helps minimise the chances of an injury occurring. From safety boots to thick pants to a cool, long sleeve t-shirt, as well as safety glasses/face shield, gloves and ear defenders. These all help in more ways than one!

Guideline for ideal mowing heights

(Rule of thumb: shorter for summer, longer for winter)

Green couch:                                      15 to 30mm

Buffalo grass (Sir Walter):                    30 to 50mm

Kikuyu:                                                    30 to 50mm

Japanese lawn grass:                           15 to 30mm

Zoysia matrella (Sir Grange):              10 to 20mm

Queensland blue couch:                     15 to 30mm

Broadleaf carpet grass:                       30 to 50mm

Hybrid Bermuda (TifTuf):                     10 to 30mm

Fescue:                                                     30 to 50mm

*This guide is courtesy of Lawn Solutions Australia


Lawn Solutions Australia (Cut Grass Properly):

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