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Platinum Zoysia

Platinum Zoysia Grass Image
  • Platinum Zoysia Grass Image

Platinum Zoysia


Platinum Zoysia is a finer leaf blade than buffalo grasses and is a lot more tolerant to extreme wear. Upkeep is minimal and it doesn’t thatch and scalp as much after mowing like other varieties. It is weed tolerant since it out-competes and is well tolerant of most common lawn herbicides.
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Platinum Zoysia has a relatively fine leaf which is soft to touch, provides excellent wear tolerance and thrives in extreme heat and humidity. Platinum Zoysia performs fairly well in the shade and keeps good winter colour and it can generally out compete weeds once established.

Platinum Zoysia requires less watering & less mowing than most other lawn types in Australia.

Platinum Zoysia is an effective cost option if you are looking for an alternative turf for your yard. Exhibiting a much slower growth habit, Platinum Zoysia won’t require a lot of mowing either. It has also adapted well
to hotter climates, having the ability to roll its leaves to conserve water and thereby increasing its drought tolerance, a trait normally only exhibited in broader leafed grass varieties.

Look, Feel & Texture

It is a soft and durable turf, which makes it a great choice if you have children. It also makes for the perfect landscape grass.

Leaf Colour

Platinum Zoysia is known for its eye catching dark green colour, which has excellent colour retention when compared to other turf varieties. It is a particular standout during autumn and winter throughout South East Queensland due to its ability to withstand the mild seasonal changes.

Heat, Shade & Wear Tolerant

Platinum Zoysia is a very tolerant species which makes it suitable for moderately shaded and heat damage prone areas. It also recovers well from any damage or stress that it make incur.

Drought, Heat & Salt Tolerant

Once it has established itself, this turf is one of the most drought resistant and tolerant turf varieties within Queensland and particularly on the Sunshine Coast. Its unique deep roots make it adaptable to hotter climates and coastal regions due to a high salt tolerance. It grows well in clay and sandy soil areas, and thrives in extreme heat conditions.

Lawn Care

Platinum Zoysia has been labelled the easy grass because of its low maintenance. Australian research has shown that Platinum Zoysia requires less mowing than other turf varieties. It competes well against weeds and can handle extreme conditions with very little watering.

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