Why Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass should be your next backyard turf

Posted on November 28, 2019 by Greg Pelka

When it comes to turf for your backyard, you want to ensure that you choose the most suitable option for you. Every household is different, which means every yard has different uses and varying lawn needs.

Sir Walter Buffalo

When it comes to a choice that will grow anywhere however, Sir Walter Buffalo is the one to choose. It has a huge range of benefits for almost any backyard, so keep reading if you want to know exactly why Sir Walter should be your next turf!

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History of Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo, otherwise known as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass, was created in Australia and has been a popular choice since 1997, with over 70 million metres of grass sold… that’s over 500,000 homes!

Benefits of Sir Walter Buffalo

There are a range of benefits offered by Sir Walter Buffalo turf, including:

  • High drought tolerance: Although requiring watering on a regular basis when it is first laid, after this process it requires less water in the long term than other turf options.
  • Soft texture: It has a ‘plush’ feel due its soft leaves, which makes it great for kids and pets alike.
  • Low maintenance: Less watering is needed, as well as being a low thatch Buffalo grass which means no excess heating (which dries lawns out) and being insulated from temperature changes.
  • Wear & tear tolerant: Recovers and grows fast, allowing it to survive fair wear and tear.
  • Shade tolerant: Adapts to shady areas quicker than other options, as it has broad leaves that offer better photosynthesis. It can also grow in full sun too!

Sir Walter Buffalo is also:

  • Weed resistant.
  • Low allergenic.
  • Insect resistant.
  • Will keep your home:
    • Up to 10 degrees cooler than bare soil.
    • Up to 20 degrees cooler than concrete.
    • Up to 40 degrees cooler than artificial turf.
  • Most popular turf option in Australia.

Who is Sir Walter best suited to?

Everyone! As it grows almost anywhere and is suitable for both kids and pets, Sir Walter Buffalo can be installed in any backyard for great results.

DNA certification of Sir Walter Buffalo

In 2015, extensive DNA testing of Sir Walter Buffalo grass commenced to ensure that all turf that was being sold under the name was the highest quality, and not an imitation. If you are buying Sir Walter turf, always ensure it comes with a 10-year warranty certificate and is sold by a Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) member.

If you would like to know more or would like Sir Walter Buffalo lawn laid in your backyard, give the professional team at Rosemount Turf a call on (07) 5448 6398 and we can discuss all your turf needs today. We are LSA members and have extensive experience with Sir Walter Buffalo turf, so get in contact now!


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