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Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Alternatives

What is Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo?

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Example Image

Sapphire Buffalo is the only fine textured high performance soft leaf buffalo grass on the market. It’s hard wearing, easy to grow and requires very little maintenance to keep it looking good year-round.

Buffalo lawns were once widely known to be a coarse and sharp leaf blade variety, but times have changed dramatically for the better with this well-loved Australian favourite.

Colour & Texture

Its soft leaf is deep green in colour and has a super fine texture which will make it the envy of your street.

Shade & Wear Tolerant

Sapphire Buffalo is more tolerant than other buffalo varieties because of its broad leaf, which can thrive with as little as 3 hours sunlight a day. It also copes well with high traffic areas and recovers quickly from wear and other stresses.

Pest & Weed Resistant

It is excellent at out competing weeds, this is because of its tight mat which leaves very little room for weeds to grow.

Drought Tolerant

With its deep root system, it can continue looking great all year round with very little watering required even in the warmer months of the year.

Low Allergenic

Selectively bred to eradicate the microscopic jagged edges on leaf blades that can cause skin irritation, it makes a great turf for homes with kids and pets.

Sapphire Alternatives

Rosemount Turf Recommends the following Turf Products instead of Sapphire:


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