Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass


Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass


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What is Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo?

Since 1997 there has been more than 60 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo grass sold across Australia – that’s the equivalent of 500,000 homes. This versatile grass is hardy, shade, heat, frost and drought resistant, which makes it a very popular choice. Its broad leaf thrives in shady areas with as little as 3 hours of sunlight.

Luxuriously soft - great for kids and pets

Its soft texture feels like a plush green carpet under your feet and creates a safe environment for family fun. Known for being a low-allergenic, weed resistant, and a fast repairing grass it makes for the perfect Australian lawn.

Drought Resistant

Sir Walter requires frequent watering when first laid, however once established it demonstrates a high drought tolerance and will use less water than other lawn varieties. During the warmer months of the year it is recommended to water at least twice per week. Watering frequency should be adjusted based on weather conditions and the soil type.

Shade Tolerant

Whilst there is yet to be a turf variety that can withstand complete shade. Sir Walter’s unique characteristics allow it to adapt to shady areas better than any other warm season soft lawn turf. As gardens mature, and more shade develops, you want a shade tolerant lawn that will work long-term.

Wear & Tear Tolerant

Sir Walter is a fast recovering and quick growing grass variety that will tolerate fair wear and tear from foot traffic, pets, kids and sports use.

Low Maintenance

Being a low thatch variety of Buffalo grass, it avoids the pitfalls of excess heating which can quickly dry out lawns by producing only a small layer of thatch. This actually works to its advantage by being an insultator against extreme temperatures and fluctuations in soil moisture.

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