Step 1 – Soil Preparation

  • Clear weeds from the area to be turfed. This can be done by applying Roundup Herbicide (or similar) or removing by hand. Weeds should be cleared 7 – 10 days before turfing.
  • Adequate drainage is the most essential key for a successful lawn. (Note – Palmetto in shade areas requires excellent drainage)
  • Rotary Hoe, or cover area with good quality topsoil (minimum 25mm). If clay based soil, apply gypsum prior to covering with topsoil or rotary hoeing.
  • Apply a starter fertilizer on top of soil, or under the turf to be laid. (Fertilizers are available from Rosemount Turf)

Step 2 – Measuring and Ordering

  • With a tape, measure the area to be turfed. Measure length & width in meters and multiply the two measurements. This should result in the total amount of turf required in square meters.

Step 3 – Laying Your New Lawn

  • Start at a straight edge (i.e. fence, driveway, etc) furthest away & work towards the closest point. This will reduce walking over laid lawn.
  • Turf should be laid in a brick pattern for a neater finish. Butt & push ends against each other, avoid leaving gaps or overlapping. Trim turf off as required with a sharp knife or shovel.
  • Note – on a large lawn it is best to complete small sections (i.e. 50m²), by rolling turf as you go, so watering your new lawn can commence as soon as possible. (This is the most critical item in the laying process!!!!)
  • Roll your lawn with a turf roller if possible to compact subgrade & level out any minor undulations.
  • Keep off turf (i.e. foot traffic, pets, etc) until turf is established.
  • Topdress (in summer/spring only) if required to remove any depressions with a washed sand. Don’t top dress more than 10mm thick.

Step 4 – Watering Your Turf

  • Give your new lawn at least 25mm of water within 5 – 10 minutes of installation. Note – The best way to measure the watering depth is to place an old cup under the sprinkler or irrigation system and measure water collected in cup.
  • Turf should be watered in the daylight hours as follows:- After initial watering, water turf (10mm – 15mm deep), several times (3 – 4) times per day, for first 7 – 10 days, to keep turf and soil moist & encourage root establishment. Failure to water correctly will result in your turf becoming stressed, drying out & finally dying. (Note – Buffalo and Zoysia’s require a lot more water in the establishment period & will require (10mm – 15mm) of water (4 – 5) times per day for first 10 – 14 days. On hot summer days (over 30c) & very windy days (over 15 knots), increase watering to cope with the additional environmental stresses.
  • Once turf cannot be lifted up from soil, gradually taper off watering to a good soaking once per week in dry weather.

How To Lay Your New Lawn