Palmetto Turf Alternatives

What is Palmetto St Augustine?

Palmetto St Augustine Example

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a popular turf variety due to its impressive drought tolerance and great winter colour. It has an outstanding emerald green colour that is sure to be a standout.

Shade Tolerant

Perfectly suited for home lawns and commercial use, it adapts to moderately shaded areas and requires only a few hours of direct sunlight a day.

Drought Tolerant

Palmetto Buffalo has a deep and fast establishing root system which helps it to weather harsh droughts. Its drought tolerance means it also requires less watering compared to other turf varieties of its class.

Lawn Care

Its low maintenance means less mowing and less watering than other buffalo turf varieties leaving you more time on weekends. Another great feature of Palmetto is that it’s not invasive. This means it won’t get under edging or invade your garden beds like other grasses can.

Palmetto St Augustine Alternatives

Rosemount Turf Recommends the following Turf Products instead of Palmetto:


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