Sir Grange Zoysia Turf

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Sir Grange Zoysia Turf


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What is Sir Grange Zoysia (Zeon Zoysia) ?

Sir Grange Zoysia first appeared on the PGA championship courses in 2011 and as recent as the Rio Olympic Golf Course. It’s the preferred choice for golf grass and is the perfectly designed home lawn.

What makes it so great?

This thin bladed dark green turf is a premium turf variety, it was hand-picked from over 10,000 different cultivators due to its overwhelmingly high drought, frost, shade and wear tolerance.

The low maintenance, self-repairing, weed and insect resistant characteristics of this turf make it a standout choice.

Shade & Wear Resistant

Sir Grange Zoysia has a great adaptability to climate and is hard wearing which makes it ideal for areas where there is high foot traffic. It is also highly resistant to lawn grubs which means reducing the need for using pesticides.

Drought & Heat Resistant

Sir Grange is equally drought resistant as Sir Walter DNA Certified, which is an added piece of mind during dry periods since the lawn will retain its health and recover fully once replenished. Drought tolerance should be a major factor when deciding on a new lawn - Australia’s hot, dry conditions can be brutal on any grass, especially during summer.

Weed & Disease Resistant

Its natural characteristics make it highly disease and pest tolerant. It is the only grass variety that offers the most natural resistance to turf diseases and pests. While not completely immune, it has a natural resilience which is a highly valued trait for long term maintenance and care.

Low Maintenance

Perfect for the home owner that wants a lawn that requires minimal mowing and very little maintenance. Originally developed for the golf industry, it makes it the most suitable for domestic and commercial lawns.

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