Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo


Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo


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Palmetto St Augustine (SS 100-PBR) is a new variety of Buffalo grass to be grown in Australia. Palmetto out performs many other buffalo grasses with its improved ability to be Shade tolerant, Drought tolerant, Temperature tolerant, salt tolerant and Wear tolerant. Palmetto requires less mowing than other grasses.

Palmetto has an outstanding emerald green colour that is a true eye catcher. It performs very well in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other Buffalo’s have failed. It is very good in heavy traffic areas where others again have failed. Salt tolerance makes Palmetto excellent for coastal areas, while its frost tolerance and colour retention make for a good winter performer.

Palmetto is a vigorous low grower and recovers rapidly from damage.  Palmetto is a low maintenance lawn perfectly suited to home lawns and commercial uses.

  • Deep Dark Emerald Green

  • Excellent colour retention

  • Will remain evergreen anywhere in Australia

  • Best winter colour compared to other grasses


  • Classed as a St. Augustine Variety

  • Softer texture than other Buffalo varieties

  • Has a wide bladed (8-9mm), soft leaves and if kept high will produce a lush carpet like appearance

  • Growth pattern is creeping which forms a lush thick mat


  • Recommended frequency is once per 7 -10 days in summer and once per 14-21 days in winter.

  • Mowing height should be 50-60mm in sunny areas and 60-70mm in the shaded areas.

  • Shows very minor signs of scalping after mowing.


  • Requires less fertilizing as it has excellent colour retention.

  • Only apply organic slow release products (high in nitrogen and iron)

  • Fertilize very lightly often for best results (1.0 kg per 100m2 every 8 weeks)

Shade & Temperatures Tolerances

  • Shade Rating = 4.5 out of 5 (e.i 4.5/5)

  • Requires a minimum of 3 hours direct sunlight each day

  • Thrives in hot humid coastal conditions

  • Adaptable to varying cold temperatures

  • In areas of shade Palmetto must be laid on free draining soils (i.e. sandy)

Drought Tolerance

  • Drought Rating = 4.25 out of 5 (i.e. 4.25/5)

  • Extremely Drought Tolerance (requires less water than other Buffalo varieties)

  • Drought tolerant due to deep massive root system (over 100mm deep)

  • Infrequent watering promotes healthy turf

Wear Tolerance

  • Wear Rating = 4.0 out of 5 (i.e. 4/5)

  • Very High to Excellent Wear Tolerance

  • Recovers extremely rapidly from damage or stress