Lawn aeration – lawn care tips


What is aeration?

Perforation of the soil helps allow air, nutrients and water to penetrate the grass roots. It helps the roots grow more deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. An average sized yard can be aerated with sandals or a sturdy garden fork. Simply inserting the fork into the lawn and punch holes with a spacing of 8 – 10cm is adequate to achieve aeration.

For larger lawns, you can hire special aerators which can be rolled over your lawn.

How often should you aerate a lawn?

Different soil types require more frequent aeration. Clay soil should be treated at least once a year while sandy soils can be aerated once every two years. In harsher climates, aerating twice a year will encourage turf growth and health.

Testing your soil pH

After aerating your lawn, it’s always good for you to test your soils pH and take any required action. pH affects your lawns ability to absorb the nutrients and minerals needed in order to thrive.