5 Common Lawn Problems

A lawn won’t go from good to bad overnight, it is often a gradual slow deterioration over a period of time. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of a deteriorating lawn and take the necessary action to rectify the cause of any problems. Ignoring the signs could leave you with an even bigger problem.


Increase in weeds

When weeds begin to appear, it can be an indication that your lawn is not as healthy and established as it should be. Removing weeds as soon as they appear is just one such step towards maintaining and improving the health of your lawn.

Depending on what area of your lawn needs more care, this could include regularly watering, fertilising and aerating. But the best way to stay on top of weeds is to select a healthy weed resistant turf variety like Sir Walter DNA Certified, and to maintain regular lawn care activies like removing weeds by hand where you can.

Dry lawn patches

There are generally two reasons that this would occur. Either the lawn is not getting enough water or it may be that the soil under your lawn has compacted and is not allowing water to properly penetrate to the roots of the turf. A good lawn aerate as well as a wetting agent is often all the help your lawn needs to improve.


Lawn Fungus

The most common causes of fungal development in lawns is due to poor drainage and humidity. Signs of your grass developing patches of slimy, discoloured, spotted or fungal like growths need to be addressed fast so that it doesn’t further spread. Often all that is needed is to apply a fungicide to get the problem under control.

Grass Discolouration

Discolouration across a lawn is usually consistent with either insufficient watering, fertilising or soil composition. Addressing the three fundamental aspects of lawn care usually provides a more consistent colouring across your entire lawn.


Lawn Grubs

Patches of brown that are spongy despite the rest of the lawn being in good condition can be a sign of lawn grubs. If lawn grubs are the culprit a dead patch will roll up like carpet, or you might be able to pull up the grass and see that it has no roots.

Although lawn grubs have a short life span, they can do a lot of damage within that time. Eradicating grubs could be as simple as applying a treatment and watering it in, to learn more see Treating Lawn Grub Infestations.