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Autumn Lawn Care for the Sunny Coast: A Guide for Healthy Turf All Year Round

Posted on April 18, 2024 by Aaron

Sunny Coast Seasons are not as pronounced as the southern states; however, Autumn offers a reprieve from the humidity – and after the summer intensity this year, I think all of us would welcome a cooler change.

Our Autumn lawn care guide can help ensure your turf remains vibrant and healthy as the days become cooler as the end of the growing season is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for dormancy, ensuring it bounces back beautifully in spring.

Autumn Lawn Care 2024

Aerate Your Lawn

Enjoying the typical Queenslander Summer, your garden soil may be compacted, making it difficult for roots to thrive. Aerating your lawn is crucial to improve soil structure, allowing better water penetration, oxygen flow, and root growth. You can aerate your lawn using simple tools like a garden fork or even invest in a mechanical aerator for larger areas.

Fertilise to Fortify

Autumn is the ideal time to give your lawn a boost of nutrients. Applying a slow-release granular fertiliser will prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead, extending the green colour and encouraging robust growth. Products like Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser are excellent as they slowly release nutrients over 12 weeks. Additionally, consider using Iron Guard Plus, a liquid bio-stimulant that enhances turfgrass colour retention and promotes lateral growth, easing the transition into winter dormancy.

Weed Management

Don’t let weeds take over your lawn as it begins to slow down. Autumn is prime time for tackling any weeds that flourished during the summer. Use an appropriate herbicide or manually remove weeds to maintain a clean turf. Applying a pre-emergent like Oxafert can prevent winter weeds like Crab Grass and Oxalis from taking root.

Manage Shade and Sunlight

As the days grow shorter, ensuring your lawn gets enough sunlight is crucial. Prune trees, bushes, and other foliage to enhance sun exposure. Regularly rake fallen leaves to prevent them from blocking sunlight and moisture from reaching your grass.

Adjust Your Mowing Routine

Reduce the frequency of mowing as the growth of your lawn slows down. Raise the cutting height of your mower to allow longer grass blades, which helps the lawn capture more sunlight and maintain better colour through the winter. A thicker canopy also helps in weed suppression.

Water Wisely

While your watering schedule may lessen, keep an eye on your lawn for signs of dehydration, such as wilting blades or visible footprints. Water only as needed to keep the turf hydrated without overwatering.

Perfect Your Edging

Autumn is an excellent time for edging as the slower growth means your neat edges will last longer. Use a whipper snipper or an edging tool to create clean lines that define your lawn against driveways, garden beds, and walkways.

Consider Laying New Turf

If you’re thinking about laying new turf, autumn presents a perfect opportunity. Cooler temperatures and adequate rainfall in Queensland allow for good root establishment without the need for excessive watering. Choose a turf variety that suits Queensland’s climate and your specific garden conditions.

Our partner, Lawn Solutions Australia also take an in depth look at some fundamental lawn care activities to help your lawn through the cooler months:

Choosing the Right Turf

For Queensland lawns, consider turf varieties like Zoysia Australis, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, and TifTuf Bermuda. These varieties offer excellent drought tolerance, shade resistance, and low maintenance needs, making them ideal for thriving in Queensland’s varied climates.

Autumn lawn care sets the foundation for a lush, healthy lawn throughout the year. With the right care, your turf will not only survive the cooler months but will also emerge healthier and more vibrant in spring.


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Autumn Lawn Care
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Autumn Lawn Care Guide

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