Common Lawn Issues During Heavy Rain

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Greg Pelka

Whilst rainfall is good for watering your lawn too much water can start to have a damaging effect on turf. As the rain becomes more intense your soil and drainage may reach a point where it no longer drains correctly and you will start to see pooling or flooding in certain areas of your lawn.

Why is prolonged rain bad for your lawn?

All turf varieties require oxygen, sunlight and water in order to survive. Whilst some turf types are more hardy than others, prolonged exposure to heavy rain can have the same damaging effect to all turf varieties. Some effects can include:

  • Oxygen deprivation – When a lawn is pooling or flooded, areas are unable to draw the oxygen needed to survive.
  • Soil compaction – When a lawn is exposed to heavy rain your soil can start compacting due to the water’s weight, which then greatly impacts its ability to drain water.
  • Loss of essential nutrients – Depending on when the lawn was last fertilised, heavy rainfall can wash away all of the nutrients from the fertiliser.
  • Root rot – Lawns that have been starved of oxygen can develop root rot which can spread to healthier roots across your lawn.

Mowing too soon after a heavy rainfall

You may notice after a heavy rainfall that your lawn grows quite rapidly as the water starts to disperse. Whilst you may want to pull out the mower and start cutting it is important during this time to inspect your lawn instead and remove any debris or sod that may have made its way to the surface.

It is strongly recommended that you wait at least a few days for your lawn to dry properly before thinking about mowing. Mowing whilst your lawn is still too wet can cause unnecessary damage such as:

  • Ripped leaves – Wet grass tends to bend over due to being heavier. Cutting the lawn like this can cause the grass leaves to tear instead of being cleanly cut.
  • Lawn Ruts – Due to the excessive moisture in the soil the weight of the lawn mower and yourself can push the grass blades into the soil causing more damage.

Lawn maintenance after heavy rain

The way that you maintain your turf after heavy rain will be slightly different until your lawn goes back to normal. In this time it is important to follow the steps below to give your lawn the best chance of survival.

  1. Wait for the lawn to dry – If you can still see water on the grass blades, you may want to wait until it is absorbed before pulling out the lawn mower.
  2. Use the highest blade setting – Ensuring that you are using the highest blade setting when cutting your lawn after a heavy rainfall will help avoid clogging of the mower as well as damage to the grass leaf.
  3. Avoid excess foot traffic – Too much foot traffic on a wet lawn could push the grass blades into the soil and draw the soil up. Walking behind your mower and avoiding additional foot traffic until the lawn is completely dry will help with your lawn’s survival.

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